Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some common questions about our neightborhood.

What is the annual assessment for GO?

Our 2021 annual assessment for Gabriel’s Overlook is $675.00. This assessment will help to fund our annual budget, which includes maintenance, administration, and establishing reserves for longer-term projects such as roadway maintenance.

Residents whose property is on a waterway, have an additional assessment of $100.00 that is placed into a separate reserve for maintenance of the waterways. 

What does the POA do?

The POA is made up of all the residents of the community. The POA is responsible for ensuring compliance with the governing documents and rules established. This helps to protect our property values and maintain the aesthetic of the community.

What does Associa Hill Country do?

Associa Hill Country was hired by the POA to manage the community and complete administrative tasks. This includes monitoring the neighborhood for compliance and providing communication to the residents. Associa Hill Country reports to the Board of Directors of the POA.

What is the ACC?

The Architectural Control Committee is made up of a group of individuals appointed by the board of directors to review construction projects for compliance with the governing documents and rules. These projects can include: New home builds, Landscaping, construction projects, pool installation, and any changes to the approved exterior of a building. 

Is the ACC different from the Board of Directors?

Yes, the ACC is a different entity from the Board of Directors and required in our governing documents, but members of the ACC can be added or removed by the Board of Directors as needed.

Why don't we have sidewalks?

As a private, gated community we are responsible for the maintenance of our own roadways. Sidewalks were not installed when the community was established and while a portion of our assessments are saved each year for road maintenance, installing sidewalks for our approximate 4 mi of roadway would be greater than our reserves.

Can I change my gate code or receive a temporary one?

Absolutely, if you wish to change your gate code, or receive a temporary vendor code contact Associa Hill Country @ [email protected]